What is the manufacturing process for Paxx Shoes?

Our Peruvian Pima Cotton is dyed and woven in to the patterns that we offer for our products. The weavings are then cut and incorporated in to the assembly of our shoes.

Are Paxx Shoes handmade?

Yes, all of our shoes are made of woven Peruvian Pima Cotton by native Peruvians. They are hand assembled in Peru.

Are Paxx Shoes really Eco friendly?

Yes, Paxx Shoes have three main textiles. Peruvian Pima Cotton,  Acrylic, and rubber.  The colorants are organic and sourced locally in Peru.  Our shoes are 100% Vegan!

Do my Paxx Shoes need to be broken in?

Yes, your new Paxx Shoes need to be worn for anywhere from a few hours to a few days before they begin to take the shape of your foot.  They may feel slightly tight at first, they are designed to stretch and mold to the shape of your feet over time.

Should I expect slight differences within the patterns my new pair of Paxx Shoes?

Yes, because Paxx Shoes are entirely handmade, there may be slight changes in the way the patterns are cut, measurement marks, or differentiating hand painted color trim on the soles.  There may be differences in ribbon color between what is shown on our site and what is received.

Do Paxx come offered in half sizes?

Currently Paxx Shoes only manufactures whole sized shoes.  For our customers that wear half sizes, we recommend moving down to the next whole number.  Example: 9.5=9.0, 10.5=10.0

Does using Alpaca wool hurt the alpacas?

No, the alpaca wool is sheered by hand and serves as a way to cool them off in the hot summer months. It is the same process we use to cut our hair.

Are the workers treated fairly?

Yes, the manufacturing facility, located outside Lima, Peru is a family business that has been passed down for generations. The workers are paid a competitive wage and have more than adequate working conditions.